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California Instruments FCS36-3PT-4606
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California Instruments FCS36-3PT-4606 AC Power Supply

The FCS Series provides single or three phase high power, used primarily for facility wide distribution or product test applications. Systems can be configured from 18 kVA up to 72 kVA. FCS systems are made up of compact, low center of gravity cabinets that can be moved around easily to different locations. Using a highly efficient pulse width modulation DC/
DC converter design, the FCS series delivers clean, stable power at a high efficiency rate in a compact package. Both manual oscillators or programmable controllers are available for the FCS Series of AC amplifiers.
Programmable controllers offer Line Distortion Simulation (LDS) and transients for product test applications.
  • 制造商: California Instruments
  • 模型: FCS36-3PT-4606