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PS SERIES Highly Efficient Switching DC Power Supplies 0-36V / 0-50A

The PS Series power supplies are DC constant-voltage (CV), constant-current (CC) power supplies based on the variable switching method, featuring compact size, light weight, excellent reliability and the variable outputs. They have been designed as highly universal stand-alone type models putting emphasis on the ease of operation and safety and equipped with a variety of protection functions. Three capacity types are available including 360W, 720W, and 1080W and 13 kinds of variations are available by combining ranges of 0 to 6 V, 10 V, 20 V, 36 V and 60 V. Several versatile applications are also provided including remote control functions with GP-IB control capability (which is possible when the optional GP-600 is used.)

Product Features

* Safety
* Front Air Intake
* GP-IB System Compatibility
* Compact Size, Light Weight, High Efficiency
* Wide Applications
* Low Noise
* Digital Display of Voltage and Current
  • 制造商: TEXIO Kenwood
  • 模型: PS36-50