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Kenwood PEL601-201
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PEL SERIES DC Electronic Loads 600W /120A / 200V


The PEL series are DC electronic loads which are ideal in agingcharacteristic analysis and product life testing applications including switching power supplies and batteries. A sophisticated program function enables high speed response and load characteristic simulation. A minimum operating voltage down to 0V is a standard feature of the V1 versions. The maximum application voltage is 200V or 500V, the input power is 150, 300, 600 or 1000W. The input current is 30A for 150W, 60A for 300W, 120A for 600W or 200A for 1000W.


* Max. Input Voltage: 200V
* Max. Input Power: 600W
* Max. Input Current: 120A
* High-speed response
SW(switching) operation is available in the CC or CR discharging mode. It features the maximum response of 10 Micros (in the CC discharging mode).
* 100 sequence memory
Storing on panel in the memory facilitates easy sequence operation.
* External control
Every model allows analog control according to external voltage (0 to 10V) and external resistance (0 to 10kOhm).
* GP-IB interface
Every model has the general purpose interface bus GP-IB as the standard feature.
* Master slave parallel operation
A maximum of five units can be connected in the parallel master slave operation mode.
* Various protective functions
Three protective functions are available: UVP (Under Voltage Protection), OCP (Over Current Protection) and OPP (Over Power Protection). Six alarm functions are available: RCP (Reverse Connection Protection) alarm, OPP (Over Power Protection) alarm, OVP (Over Voltage Protection) alarm, OCP (Over Current Protection alarm, OHP (Over Heat Protection) alarm and UVP (Under Voltage Protection) alarm.
* Software start function
The current rise time of the load side can be adjusted according to the rise time of the output voltage, when test the rise time of switching power supply.
  • 制造商: TEXIO Kenwood
  • 模型: PEL601-201