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LW SERIES DC Electronic Loads 75W/150V/15A, 4 Channel, with CC/CR/CV, front terminal & sensing

The LW series is a multi-input type electronic loading unit with several isolated input terminals. The basic function of the LW series is the CC discharge mode using the input terminals on the rear panel. Three discharge modes (CR/ECV and CP) front input terminals voltage remote sensing functions and control functions according to external analog voltages are also available as optional functions on request. In addition the LW series provides tracking delay and four-point preset functions for a wide variety of applications.

# Multi-channel & individual control
# High cost performance
# 4 point presetting
# Key lock
# Various remote controls ( user option)
# Front input terminal ( factory option )
# Maximum 12 channels in full rack size( LW75-151Q)
# External Analog Control( Factory Option)
  • 制造商: TEXIO Kenwood
  • 模型: LW75-151QV3A