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DAB SERIES Test System DAB Up Converter for DAB-3801
The DAB-3802 is designed to convert signals generated by an OFDM signal generator into signals in the tuner reception frequency bands conformable to the European DAB (Digital Audio Broadcast) Standards.

It covers the frequency bands II (87.5 to 108 MHz) III (175 to 250 MHz) and L (1452 to 1492 MHz) and controls the frequency in units of 10 Hz and output level in units of 0.1 dB between 0 and -110 dBm. It stores and recalls ten types of settings in/from the memory in easy operations.It also allows remote and automatic control through GP-IB.

* Covers frequencies in each frequency band at high stability and accuracy. As high a resolution as 10Hz.
* Varies the output level between 0 and -110 dBm at a resolution of 0.1 dB. Three selectable level display units of dBm, dB Micro and EMF dB Micro.
* Independent rotary knobs for frequency and output level adjustments. Adjustment on the ten-key pad is also enabled.
* Stores a maximum of ten settings.
* One-touch deviation measurement using the F function.
  • 制造商: TEXIO Kenwood
  • 模型: DAB-3802