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Rohde Schwarz CTS65
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GSM, DECT and GPRS measurements with one and the same tester

The R&S®CTS Digital Radio Testers is an extremely compact, modular yet powerful measuring instrument. It combines great ease of operation and the necessary test depth for use in all service areas for mobile and cordless phones from a simple functional test at the counter to repairs at module level in the service shop. Owing to the clear-cut, logical menu structure, both the newcomer and the service specialist will be able to conveniently carry out fast automatic functional tests as well as complex and comprehensive manual measurements down to component level.

Quick test

The quick test provides an extremely fast Go/NoGo information covering all essential parts of the mobile phone. A speech test (echo test) is carried out immediately after the call setup.

Echo test

Speech received by the microphone of the mobile phone is sent to the R&S® CTS, stored in a buffer memory and sent back to the phone. This makes it possible to check the whole signal path from the microphone via the RF transmitter/receiver section, modulator, demodulator, signaling section, speech coder/decoder, analog audio components to the loudspeaker. The measurement sequences and results are clearly displayed in graphical form.


The autotest routines allow complete functional tests to be started at a keystroke. The tests cover all essential signaling functions as well as the transmitter and receiver characteristics of the mobile phone. In addition to the various signaling functions, the R&S® CTS checks the transmitter power of the different power classes and the receiver sensitivity by measuring the RxLev and RxQual parameters output by the mobile phone. A digital signal processor also enables measurement of the phase and frequency error, bit error ratio and power ramp.

Versatile testing

The scope of measurements and the automatic test run time are variable. You can decide whether you want a short test or more in-depth testing. The number of channels or measured values can, for instance, also be adapted to the individual requirements.

Display modes

The individual results can be displayed as follows:

  • As a Go/NoGo statement in the Pass/Fail mode
  • In full detail with accurate values in the Value mode, in tabular form on the display and, if desired, as a printout
  • The default tolerance values can be displayed in addition.

Manual test

The digital radio tester provides autotest routines as well as extensive manual test functions. Transmitter power and characteristic receiver parameters such as RxLev and RxQual are displayed. Moreover, the following signaling functions are available: location update, call setup and release by the R&S® CTS or the mobile phone. The dialed number as well as IMSI, IMEI, power class and revision level are indicated. The R&S® CTS also allows the transmission and reception of short messages SMS (point-topoint short message service).

  • 制造商: Rohde Schwarz
  • 模型: CTS65