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The SC61 Waveform Analyzer starts with a high quality oscilloscope. The CRT display section has a bandwidth of 60MHz, and is usable to 100MHz to show the needed detail when analyzing digital signals. Specially designed sync circuits (using differential amplifiers and emitter-coupled logic stages) provide solid triggering with the fewest trigger adjustments possible. The input capabilities extend from 5 mV per division all the way to 2000 V DC or AC p-p. The SC61 features three Auto-Tracking functions which are: DC volts, p-p volts, and frequency. All three functions measure the entire waveform. The SC61 also features Delta tests which measure the p-p amplitude, time, or frequency of any part of the waveform shown on the CRT. All test are automatically ranged of directly interfaced to the input attenuators for direct readings.
  • 制造商: Sencore
  • 模型: SC61