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Ando AQ7270
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Yokogawa-Ando OTDR

The AQ7270 OTDR comes in eleven models combining different measurement wavelengths and dynamic ranges. Supported wavelengths: 1310, 1490, 1550, 1625, 1650 nm (single mode), 850, and 1300 nm (multi mode). On-site test time is condensed with this OTDR - The time to power up the device, the time taken to make measurements, and the time to analyze and store the measurement results are reduced significantly. The measurement results can easily be transmitted to computers using the USB interface or the Ethernet and the analysis software (optional) helps with preparation of computer generated reports.

Please advise the specific AQ7270 you need as based on your testing requirements:

7350201550nm SMF32dB1550nm model for access networks and FTTH
7350211650nm SMF30dB1650nm model for maintenance of access networks and FTTH
7350221310/1550nm SMF34/32dBFor installationc and maintenance of access networks and FTTH
7350231310/1550nm SMF, Hi-DR40/38dBHigh dynamic range model for installationc and maintenance of metro networks and access networks
7350241550/1625nm SMF, Hi-DR38/35dBHigh dymicrange model, supporting maintainance wavelength 1625nm
7350251310/1490/1550nm SMF34/30/32dBThree-wavelength model for installation and maintenance of PON systems, supporting 1490nm
7350261310/1550/1625nm SMF34/32/28dBThree-wavelength model, supporting a maintainance wavelength of 1625nm wavelengths
7350271310/1550/1650nm SMF34/32/30dBThree-wavelength, supporting a maintainance wavelength of 1650nm
7350281310/1550/1625nm SMF, Hi-DR40/38/35dBThree-wavelength, high dymicrange model, supporting a maintainance wavelength of 1625nm
735029850/1300nm MMF22.5/24dBMultimode fiber model for LAN maintenance
735030850/1300nm MMF 1310/1550nm SMF22.5/24dB 34/32dBFour-wavelength model for installation and maintenance of LAN and FTTH with support for both multimode and single mode fiber.

Additional Options:

The AQ7932 OTDR Emulation Software is a powerful tool for analyzing, reporting, and printing OTDR test data, With the AQ7932 software, you can perform analysis on your PC. An easy-to-use OTDR report creation wizard saves you time when compiling comprehensive OTDR test reports. Please notify your Test Equipment Connection Salesperson if you require this option.

  • 制造商: Ando
  • 模型: AQ7270