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Anritsu 37347A
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The Anritsu 37347A Vector Network Analyzer covers 40MHz to 20GHz and has a built-in S-Parameter Test Set The Anritsu 37347A features LOG/LIN/Phase magnitude Smith charts, 6 independent markers, marker sweep, a 7.5" color VGA display, trace overlay, trace memory, autoscale, dual source control.

40 MHz to 20 GHz
Fast Sweeping Synthesized Source
Auto Reversing Test Set
Solid-State Transfer Switch
Four Independent Display Channels
Four Channel Receiver
Internal Hard and Floppy Disk Drives
LRL/LRM Calibration
Adapter Removal Calibrations
Fast Measurement Throughput via GPIB
Built-In AutoCal Control

These network analyzers integrate a synthesized source, S-parameter test set and tuned receiver into a single compact package that is ideal for bench-top testing.

One source of potential errors and inaccuracies in any network analyzer system is the calibration of that system. The Anritsu AutoCal automatic calibrator is designed to speed and simplify the calibration. Using the built-in software support and an AutoCal module connected to the serial port on the rear panel of the instrument, you are ready to make fast, accurate, and repeatable calibrations.

  • 制造商: Anritsu
  • 模型: 37347A