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Rohde Schwarz CMU300
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The R&S CMU300 Universal Radio Communication Tester is a unique solution that combines high-speed, high-accuracy RF parametric testing with layer 1 signaling procedures.

  • Extremely high-speed testing
  • Highly accurate measurements
  • Modular future-proof design
  • Comprehensive spectrum analyzer and signal generator
  • Layer 1 realtime processing


  • 1R    Rack mount Adapter ZZA-94
  • B11    HW-option for CMU200: Reference oscillator OXCO, aging 2 X 10E-7/year
  • B12    HW-option for CMU200/300: Reference oscillator OXCO, aging 3.5x10E-8/year
  • B15    HW-option for CMU200/300: Additional RF connections
  • B17    HW-option for CMU200: IQ/IF interface, analog, one channel
  • B21    HW-option for CMU300: Signalling Unit (GSM/GPRS/EDGE)
  • B52    HW-option for CMU200: Speech codec
  • B71    HW-option for CMU300: ABIS interface unit E1/T1 protocol CMU-B21 + CMU-K3X required
  • B78    HW-option for CMU300: Layer1 board for WCDMA
  • BAT1     Battery Test Software for CMU200 v 02. Requires K92/K96 with bands GSM850+1900 and WCDMA bands II+V
  • C3    Three years of depot calibration
  • C5    Five years of calibration coverage
  • D1    Calibration Data Report
  • DCV-2    Documentation of calibration values
  • DCV-ZP    Printout of DCV (additional, in combination with DCV-Option only)
  • DKD    CMU200/300 DKD (ISO17025) calibration including ISO 9000 calibration (order only with device)
  • K30    SW-option for CMU300: GSM400 for CMU-B21
  • K31    SW-option for CMU300: GSM900 for CMU-B21
  • K32    SW-option for CMU300: GSM1800 for CMU-B21
  • K33    SW-option for CMU300: GSM1900 for CMU-B21
  • K34    SW-option for CMU300: GSM850 for CMU-B21
  • K35    EDGE FOR GSM
  • K36    SW-option for CMU300: GSM GT800 for CMU-B21
  • K37    SW-option for CMU300: AMR testing (GSM) CMU-K31 - K36 required
  • K38    SW-option for CMU300: Signalling channels (GSM/UL) with PSR Bit pattern modulation
  • K39    SW-option for CMU300: MOC/MTC(circ. switched/TCH) CMU-K31 to -K36 required
  • K41    SW-extension for CMU300: 8PSK TX-tests and channel coders, CMU-K31 - K36 required
  • K70    SW-option for CMU300: DTCH BER analysis (3GPP/FDD/DOWNLINK) (CMU-K78 required)
  • K71    SW-option for CMU300: RACH testing (3GPP/FDD) (CMU-K78 required)
  • K72    SW option for CMU300 : HS-SCCH monitor and HSDPA throughputmeasurement (CMU-K78 required)
  • K73    SW option for CMU300 : HSDPA uplink stimulation (CMU-K72 and CMU-K78 required)
  • K75    SW-option for CMU300 WCDMA TX test (3GPP/FDD/DL)
  • K76    SW-option for CMU300: WCDMA-generator (3GPP/FDD/UL) (CMU-B78 required)
  • K77    SW-option for CMU300: AWGN generator and BER/BLER simulator (3GPP/FDD/UL)
  • K78    SW-option for CMU300: BCH-synchronisation and monitoring (3GPP/FDD)
  • K79    SW-option for CMU300: HSDPA-TX-measurements (nonsig) (3GPP/FDD/DL)
  • K849    SW OPTION for CMU200: 1xEV-DO Signalling, Cellular Band (requires CMU-B83/V22, CMU-B89)
  • K859    SW OPTION for CMU200: 1xEV-DO Signalling, PCS Band (requires CMU-B83/V22, CMU-B89)
  • K869    SW OPTION for CMU200: 1xEV-DO Signalling, IMT-2000 Band (requires CMU-B83/V22, CMU-B89)
  • K90    SW option for CMU200: A-GPS C-Plane interface for 2G/3G/C2k including control application. (Only to be ordered if cust. already has ATE dongle)
  • PK30    SW option for CMU300 : GSM 850 + 900 + 1800 + 1900 (includes K30 - K36)
  • PK800    SW Package for CMU200:1xEV-DO Signalling 450MHz, Cellular, PCS, IMT-2000 BANDS (requires CMU-B83/V22, CMU-B89)
  • R3    Three years of depot repair coverage, including re-calibration if necessary to complete the repair. First year of repair coverage is provided by the 12-month new product warranty.
  • R5    Five years of depot repair coverage, including re-calibration if necessary to complete the repair. First year of repair coverage is provided by the 12-month new product warranty.
  • U10    HW modification for CMU200/300 Memory extension 256MB for speed improvement, CMU with FMR5 and FMR5+
  • U21    Modification kit for CMU200: Modification CMU-B21/V02 to CMU-B21/V14 incl. CMU-B54
  • U63    HSUPA Non Signalling for CMU200 V10/V30 (At R&S service only)
  • U74    Upgrade-kit for CMU300: High dynamic WCDMA spectrum measurements
  • U75    Upgrade kit for CMU300 measurement DSP module for WCDMA
  • U78V2    Upgrade kit for CMU300: Layer1 analyzer board for WCDMA DL-RX; upgrade of CMU-B76 to -B78
  • U78V4    Upgrade kit for CMU300: Layer1-Board for WCDMA
  • Z1    256 MB memory card PCMCIA type 3, accessory for CMU200/300
  • Z11    Shielded cover for CMU-Z10
  • Z12    Additional Bluetooth Antenna (for CMU-Z10, excludes CMU-Z14)
  • Z13    Accessory for CMU-Z10: USB2.0 feed through (excludes CMU-Z12 and CMU-Z14 if
  • Z3    Accessory for CMU200/300: Service kit
  • Z6    CMU200/300 accessory: Enhancement of wideband modulation analysis for CMU
  • 制造商: Rohde Schwarz
  • 模型: CMU300