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Pico Technology 3224 PC Oscilloscope
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The high resolution PicoScope 3224 PC scope connects to the USB port on your PC. Along with providing the power for the PicoScope, the USB connection provides fast data transfer and makes the oscilloscope quick and easy to set up and use.

Accurately detect changes as small as 0.024%

With 12 bit resolution and 1% accuracy, the PicoScope 3424 is able to detect changes as small as 0.024% (244 ppm) — making it ideal for use in applications such as testing audio circuits, fast transient analysis, and for measuring noise and vibrations.

Examine every last detail of large and complex signals

The large 512,000 sample buffer of the PicoScope 3224 enables complex signals to be captured in great detail, and over long periods of time. After capturing these signals, you can zoom-in on your signal at up to 2000 times magnification — allowing you to examine every last detail of the signal.

Your complete test and measurement solution

The PicoScope 3224 is more than just an oscilloscope. The PicoScope 3224 is a multi-functioning instrument that can be used as an oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, multimeter and data logger. By integrating several instruments into one small unit the PicoScope 3224 PC scope gives you a cost-effective, and simple-to-use solution with all the functionality of conventional test equipment without compromising on specifications.

Powerful oscilloscope software

PicoScope software is supplied with the PicoScope 3224. PicoScope software allows you to view real-time signals, zoom in on your signal, and save and print captured waveforms. The user-friendly controls and familiar Windows graphical interface ensures that using PicoScope is both fast and easy.

PicoScope includes various features designed to reduce the time you need to set up and use your oscilloscope: along with over 30 automated measurements PicoScope also features an autosetup function. The autosetup function can be used to automatically set up the timebase, channels and trigger configuration to display any signals that PicoScope finds on the oscilloscope's inputs. You can also customise PicoScope by adding your own ‘test menus’. These menus can load reference waveforms or instrument settings, and they can display documents that give an explanation of the waveform, or details on how to perform the required tests.

Also supplied is PicoLog data acquisition software that transforms your PC scope into a high-speed data logger.

Power, performance and portability

The PicoScope 3224 lets you accurately — and quickly — capture, view, and measure signals.

This high precision, high resolution, PC oscilloscope and spectrum analyser is quick and easy to use. The USB connection ensures a fast screen update rate, while making the scope simple to set up. The powerful PicoScope oscilloscope software lets you measure and evaluate complex signals with ease.

With the PicoScope 3224 you can replace many traditional test equipment tools with one lightweight, portable, and economical instrument — giving you a powerful, integrated test and measurement solution with all the functions of traditional equipment, at a fraction of the cost.

  • 制造商: Pico Technology
  • 模型: 3224 PC Oscilloscope