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Pico Technology ADC-212/50
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A PC oscilloscope replaces bulky and expensive test equipment, saving money and space.

Along with providing all the functionality of a conventional digital storage oscilloscope (DSO) the Pico Technology PC oscilloscope also has integrated spectrum analyzer and meter functions too.

The ADC-212/50 and ADC-212/100 PC oscilloscopes combine high sampling rates (upto 100 MS/s for single shot signals and upto 5 GS/s for repetitive signals) with a high resolution (12 bits). Together with the supplied software, your desktop or laptop PC can be used as a powerful dual channel oscilloscope / spectrum analyzer.

Deep memory buffers and advanced trigger modes allow the capture of large amounts of complex data at high speeds

Both units take advantage of a 128,000 sample memory buffer, enabling large amounts of data to be captured at high sampling rates. This allows engineers to capture fast-changing signals over relatively long periods of time. After capturing these signals, any areas of interest can be magnified in both axis, while still maintaining the detail in the waveform.

Ideal for audio, noise and vibration measurements

The 12-bit resolution in the Y-axis gives the ADC-212's the ability to detect changes as small as 0.024 per cent. Conventional 8-bit oscilloscopes only have the ability to detect changes greater than 0.4 per cent, but precision analogue and audio engineers require the ability to detection signal changes of less than 0.1 per cent.

The high dynamic range of the spectrum analyzer makes these products ideal tools for tracking down noise in sensitive analog circuits

Most digital storage oscilloscopes have front end amplifiers designed for high bandwidth, these products are no exception. Unlike most oscilloscopes, however, the front end amplifiers of the ADC-212/50 & ADC-212/100 PC oscilloscopes also exhibit very low levels of noise and distortion. This low noise and distortion, combined with the 12 bit resolution, gives an 80 dB dynamic range for the spectrum analyser.

Oscilloscopes that are light and portable

  • High speed, 5 GS/s dual channel oscilloscope
  • 50 MHz, 80 db dynamic range spectrum analyzer
  • High resolution - 12 bits
  • Large 128 thousand sample memory
  • 1% DC accuracy
  • Supplied complete with PicoScope software
  • Simply plugs into any desktop or laptop PC

By integrating several instruments into one small unit the ADC-212/50 and ADC-212/100 PC oscilloscopes offer any electronics field engineer with a standard notebook computer a cost-effective and simple-to-use solution with all the functionality of conventional test equipment without compromising on specifications.

  • 制造商: Pico Technology
  • 模型: ADC-212/50