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Time Electronics 9847 Power Calibrator (3 Phase Asymmetrical; Current Range to 20A) w/ Factory Certificate

  • 4 voltage ranges: 57-110-220-500V
  • 4 current ranges: 1-5-20 and 100A (optional)
  • Frequency: 45-70Hz
  • Phase angle: -90/0/+90 deg (0.1 res)
  • Total harmonic distortion: Pre-settable from 1% to 15% (0.1% resolution)

This series calibrators are used for adjusting, checking and verification of measuring instruments used in power engineering. These include active and reactive power meters, phase meters, frequency meters, ammeters, voltmeters, transducers, monitoring systems, and frequency, voltage and current relays.

It is constructed in a standard 19? rack-mount size case. Voltage and current output signals are set by multi-turn potentiometers and are simultaneously indicated on 4.5 digit LED displays. Frequency and phase angle are also set by multi-turn potentiometers and are displayed on 4 digit LED indicators.

Instruments to be calibrated can safely be connected to the outputs without changing the set values since the calibrator can be switched to ?standby? mode to isolate the output terminals.

Sinusoidal signals are generated on both voltage and current outputs. If required, between 1% and 15% harmonic distortion can be added to the signals.

*NIST/UKAS Calibration Certificates can be provided at an additional charge.
  • 制造商: Time Electronics
  • 模型: 9847