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Commtest vb8  Kit
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The vb8™ analyzer is a uniquely sophisticated and feature-packed instrument, yet it remains intuitive in operation and flexible enough to suit every level of vibration analyst, from novice through to expert.

The included Ascent® software contains the collective experience of over 25 years of expert in-depth machine fault analysis.

1. Users with no prior experience or without previously recorded vibration history can now establish a measurement program utilizing proven baseline values from ISO standards and “The Proven Method” from Technical Associates.

2. Experienced users can now generate meaningful spectral alarm bands automatically rather than just relying on basic overall alarms or spectral band guesswork.

3. Veteran analysts can now objectively evaluate and compare their findings against a time-tested and proven historical foundation.

Ascent Level 2 software:

  • Fully automated measurement parameter and alarm setups based on “The Proven Method” from Technical Associates
  • ISO 2372 and 10816 standards

Enhanced instrument functionality

  • 4 channel simultaneous recordings
  • Triax. enabled
  • 12 800 line FFT resolution
  • 40 kHz Fmax
  • 1 GB memory – virtually unlimited spectra storage
  • Large, high resolution (HVGA) backlit LCD
  • Comfortable, ergonomic case design
  • Support for acceleration, velocity, displacement, DC coupled, current and voltage output sensors (both AC and DC coupled)
  • 2 plane balancing with up to 4 sensors (simultaneous acquisition)
  • Commtest’s unique 6Pack™ recording system: take up to 12 measurements simultaneously (HF, LF and Demodulation spectra and waveforms) across two channels
  • Numeric parameter input via keypad with trend and alarm capability in Ascent® software
  • Upgradeable using the ‘Proflash’ system and free firmware updates for five years

Vbseries Standard Kit Items:
Note: Additional accelerometers and associated accessories are included with multi-channel instruments.

  • vbSeries portable instrument (vb5, vb6, vb7 or vb8 analyzer) with carry strap and sensor bracket
  • Power adapter 12 V 3 A output, center positive
  • DC car adapter 12 V DC output
  • USB data transfer cable
  • Accelerometer(s) (IEPE/ICP -type)***
  • Accelerometer coiled cable(s)***
  • Accelerometer magnetic mounting base(s)***
  • Triple BNC adapter (vb6 and vb8 instrument models only)
  • Non-contact laser tachometer sensor
  • Ascent vibration analysis software on CD-ROM
  • iLearn vibration training CD-ROM
  • Instrument Reference Guide
  • Software Reference Guide
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Warranty card
  • QA card
  • Carry bag

    *** Number provided varies according to instrument model. vb5: 1 unit, vb6/vb7: 2 units, vb8: 4 units.
    • 制造商: Commtest
    • 模型: vb8 Kit