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Leaptronix ICT-7A
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The new ICT-7A is a desktop IC Tester to determine the quality of linear ICs. It automatically tests IC without keying in IC part number. Built in a 3-PIN regulated socket for user to test Regulator ICs.

Features :
  • Reliable desktop design.
  • User friendly set up and operates.
  • 16 X 1 character 9 X 7 dot matrix LCD display.
  • Built in 6 functions and 10 numerical keys.
  • The following IC series can be tested under +/-
  • Auto identifies the unknown ICs and lists the same function IC number.
  • Various BUZZER sounds to present the test results FAIL or PASS
Standard Accessories
  • Main Unit
  • Operation manual
  • AC cable
  • 制造商: Leaptronix
  • 模型: ICT-7A