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Output module DDA-2 for E1/T1; impedance, line code & frame
The K5302 DASY (Digital Access System) is a multiplexer for E1 and DS1 PCM lines. It consists of a mainframe, a control unit (DRC) with display, a power supply and a number of input and output boards. DASY's main function is to couple single timeslots or PCM streams from an input board to one or more output boards. With the latest Firm- and Software the DASY also supports the coupling of groups of timeslots, which will have exactly the same delay when coupled through the DASY.

The K5302 mainframe offers 13 slots to be used by input (DDM) or output (DDA) boards. Any combination of boards is possible, however, at least 1 input and 1 output board are required. As each DDM module can handle up to 8 bi-directional PCM lines (either E1 or DS1), the configuration with 12 DDM boards and 1 DDA board would offer a maximum of 96 incoming PCM lines to be connected to the DASY. The remaining DDA board would offer 4 Tx/Tx (8 Rx/Tx respectively) PCM lines. Each of the 2076 input timeslots (96*31, TS 0 to be handled separately) can be coupled to any of the output timeslots.

In order to increase the overall capacity of the system, several DASYs may be cascaded.
  • 制造商: Tektronix
  • 模型: 7KK5302-2SB01