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WFM6120 / WFM7020 / WFM7120 Series Waveform Monitors

The WFM6120 / WFM7020 / WFM7120 family provides Tektronix' superior video monitoring and analysis capabilities required in Content Creation, Content Delivery, Research & Development, and Manufacturing applications.

These products help video content producers verify content quality and make precision content adjustments. In video delivery systems, they help operations staff verify content quality and system reliability, and help engineering staff qualify, install, and maintain video systems. Design and manufacturing engineers developing new video equipment use these products for design troubleshooting, functional verification, and manufacturing test.

This series of waveform monitors boosts your productivity, allowing you to accurately monitor and analyze content at a glance with Tektronix See and Solve displays, powerful error reporting and the most advanced timing and alignment jitter measurements.

The WFM7x20 Series provides multi-format support options from Composite Analog to Advanced Digital formats like Dual-Link and 3Gb/s SDI.

Available tools such as Physical Analysis, including options to measure 3Gb/s jitter; Comprehensive analysis of ANC data, Simultaneous Input monitoring and Audio-Video Delay measurements help you solve challenging problems faster and efficiently.

The Tektronix WFM platform protects your investment and increases your productivity with leading-edge capabilities, superior performance and unmatched flexibility.

CPS - Add support for monitoring NTSC/PAL composite analog video, 2 inputs with passive loop through outputs
AVD - Adds support for AV Delay Measurements (Requires signals provided from the TG700 with either the DVG7 or an HDVG7 module with A/V Timing Mode enabled)
AD - Add support for monitoring digital audio, embedded and AES/EBU inputs, up to 8 AES/EBU inputs (16 channels), up to 4 AES/EBU outputs (8 channels) capabilities available, plus support for monitoring analog audio, up to 12 analog audio inputs, up to 8 analog audio outputs
EYE Add support for Eye diagrams, jitter measurement, cable parameter measurements
PHY - Add capabilities available on Opt. EYE, plus jitter waveform and Eye parameter measurements
DAT - Add in-depth video data and ancillary data analysis
CA1 - Provides a single calibration event or coverage for the designated calibration interval, whichever comes first
C3 - Calibration service 3 Years
C5 - Calibration service 5 Years
D1 - Calibration data report
D3 - Calibration data report 3 Years (with Opt. C3)
D5 - Calibration data report 3 Years (with Opt. C5)
R3 - Repair service 3 years (including warranty)
R5 - Repair service 5 years (including warranty)
A0 - Power connection - North America
A1 - Power connection - Universal Euro
A2 - Power connection - United Kingdom
A3 - Power connection - Australia
A4 - Power connection - 240 V, North America
A5 - Power connection - Switzerland
A6 - Power connection - Japan
A10 - Power connection - China
A99 - Power connection - No power cord or AC adapter
L0 - English manual
L5 - Japanese manual
L7 - Simplified Chinese manual
NRC - No portable cabinet or rack cabinet
01 - Portable cabinet (same as WFM7F02)
02 - Dual rack cabinet (same as WFM7F05 Option NN)
05 - Dual rack cabinet (same as WFM7F05 Option ON)
62 - Analog audio breakout cable, 6 feet, male 62 pin connector to 8 XLR male output connectors and 12 XLR female input connectors

  • 制造商: Tektronix
  • 模型: WFM6120