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Yokogawa 7651
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The Yokogawa 7651 is a general-purpose DC source developed on
YOKOGAWA s state-of-the-art DC standard technology. The dual
multiplying D/A converter has enabled the compatibility of highspeed
response and high resolution. The 7651 also provides high accuracy
and stability. In addition to the source function (current supply),
the sink function (current absorption) is also available, so the
7651 can be used as not only DC voltage/current source but also
high-precision electronic load. Further, a series of powerful functions
to meet the system use such as the programming function up to 50
steps, the IC memory card capable of storing 7 patterns of programs,
and GP-IB interface are provided as standard.
This 7651 can be used for a wide range of fields from R & D to
production line, service and maintenance.
  • 制造商: Yokogawa
  • 模型: 7651