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Rohde Schwarz FSUP26
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Rohde & Schwarz FSUP26 20Hz-26.5GHz Signal Source Analyzer with integrated Spectrum Analyzer Offers the user a high-end spectrum analyzer, combined with a phase noise tester based on the PLL method. In addition, is equipped with two independent, very low-noise DC ports. Supply voltage and tuning voltage can be individually defined for each port via a clear-cut menu, which enables control of external oscillators or a complete characterization. Like an FM/PM/AM demodulator -it records the oscillator signal over time. With the functionality of a phase noise tester, time domain and spectrum analyzer combined into a single device. Features: Spectrum Analyzer: Dynamic Range: DANL: -138dBm TOI: +12dBm Resolution bandwidth: 1Hz to 50MHz Frequency resolution: 0.01Hz Test port connector: 3.5mm/N female Phase Noise measurement: Frequency range: 10MHz to 8GHz Offset frequency range with internal reference and internal phase comparator: 1Hz to 30MHz (standard) Sensitivity with internal reference oscillator and phase detector At 10kHz offset, input frequency 1GHz, -128dBc
  • 制造商: Rohde Schwarz
  • 模型: FSUP26