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General Dynamics R2660 iDEN
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R2660 – Communications System Analyzer
Whether you're testing subscriber units or site equipment, the R2660 offers the unique capability to test iDENTM systems under actual TDMA operating conditions in either 6:1 or 3:1 format. Comprehensive diagnostic capabilities are provided to facilitate fault isolation and repair. In addition, the unit also provides dedicated screen displays for convenient observation or printout, innovative use of soft keys and windowing, fast reacting auto ranging scales with both analog and digital readouts, and signaling encode and decode function— all built into a versatile, rugged, and compact test unit designed specifically to meet the tough demands of the field service environment.

In TDMA mode, the R2660 provides the following special measurement features:

  • Average power meter
  • Frequency error meter
  • SQE (Signal Quality Estimate)
  • BER (Bit Error Rate)

Current Software Version
Standard: V6.09.M00
Super Tier: V2.04.M00
Display: V01.03.00

  • 制造商: General Dynamics
  • 模型: iDEN