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General Dynamics R2680
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R2680 MPT1327 Trunking Communications System Analyzer

General Dynamics is proud to announce the R2680 with MPT1327/1343 trunking test capability. If you calibrate, maintain, repair or design MPT trunked radios, the R2680 is for you.

Because of the unique design of the R2600 family of Communications System Analyzers, the R2680 can perform many complex functions with one single piece of equipment. This “one box” design is particularly helpful in remote sites where multiple pieces of heavy equipment are either impractical or impossible. The R2680 is rugged enough to withstand heavy activity, and can also be operated from a variety of power sources, making it ideal for field use. The R2680 saves you time and helps you work more efficiently — improving your effectiveness and profitability.

Whether for use in your shop, at your customer’s site or at a remote location, let the General Dynamics R2680 — and our experience — work for you.

Features and Benefits

The R2680 gives you cost and space savings. In addition to its comprehensive MPT1327 test capabilities, it does the job of each of these individual test instruments:

  • Signal Generator

  • Measurement Receiver

  • RF Scanner

  • Spectrum Analyzer

  • Duplex Generator

  • Audio Frequency Counter

  • AC/DC Voltmeter

  • Digital Oscilloscope

  • RF Wattmeter

  • Signal Strength Meter

  • SINAD Meter

  • Distortion Meter

  • Tracking Generator

  • Signaling Simulator

The R2600 family of Communications System Analyzers is known for its user-friendly, efficient operation:

  • The display is organized into easy-to-read windows for quick comprehension of test results

  • Test settings and results are displayed simultaneously, eliminating the need to switch between screens

  • Soft Keys permit quick access to the many menu selections, simplifying test setups

  • Built-in memory easily stores and recalls frequently used configurations

  • Built-in help screens give instant access to user information

The end result is a product that combines the time-tested and field-proven quality and reliability of the R2600 family with extensive MPT1327 test capability: The R2680 from General Dynamics.

  • 制造商: General Dynamics
  • 模型: R2680