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Yokogawa TA320
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The TA320 Time Interval Analyzer is an instrument which can measure the period, pulse width and time interval of a signal continuously at a maximum rate of 14 MS/s with a maximum resolution of 100 picoseconds. The large liquid crystal display panel is equipped with a touch-sensitive screen, enabling an intuitive, smooth operation in measurement and data analysis. A high screen-update rate allows the immediate display of analysis results. The TA320 has two sampling modes: "time stamp mode" and "hardware histogram mode". In the time stamp mode, the TA320 records both of elapsed time and  measurement result. In this mode the user can observe period variations in measurements with time by using the TIME VAR button. In the hardware histogram mode, the TA320 acquires up to 99,999,999 samples. In this mode high speed statistical computation of a great number of samples can be implemented.

  • 制造商: Yokogawa
  • 模型: TA320