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Kikusui KSG4310
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Model KSG4310 is FM/AM stereo signal generator that cover a frequency range of 10 kHz to 280 MHz. Incorporating FM stereo and AM stereo (Motorola C-QUAM(TM )system) modulators, model KSG4310 is also highly desirable for their compact and labor-saving design.
It also incorporates several features and improvements, such as electronic attenuators for improved reliability, a variable AF generator, and a memory scan function, all added while keeping costs at low levels. As a result, the KSG4310 has become the standard in signal generators while at the same time offering superior cost performance.


    * Signal generator, FM stereo modulator, AM stereo(C-QUAM) modulator, and AF generator incorporated into a single unit
    * High resolution of 10 Hz in a full bandwidth and 8-digit display
    * Setting resolution of 0.1 dB
    * Equipped with electronic attenuators
    * Internal modulation frequency can be arbitrarily set between 50 Hz and 15 kHz at resolution of 50 Hz
    * Memory capable of storing 100 different panel settings
    * EXT I/O port to expand the range of applications available

  • 制造商: Kikusui
  • 模型: KSG4310