Multi System Mobile Phone Testers : Rohde Schwarz CTS60


Rohde Schwarz CTS60
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GSM, DECT and GPRS measurements with one and the same tester

The R&S CTS Series Digital Radio Testers is an extremely compact, modular yet powerful measuring instrument. It combines great ease of operation and the necessary test depth for use in all service areas for mobile and cordless phones from a simple functional test at the counter to repairs at module level in the service shop. Owing to the clear-cut, logical menu structure, both the newcomer and the service specialist will be able to conveniently carry out fast automatic functional tests as well as complex and comprehensive manual measurements down to component level.

  • DCV-1 = Documentation of calibration values
  • DCV-ZP = Printout of DCV (additional, in combination with DCV-Option only)
  • DKD = CTS/CBT DKD (ISO17025) calibration incl. ISO 9000 calibration (order only with device)
  • K6 = Remote control via RS232 for CTS55/60/65 with Windows appl. software
  • K62 = GAP signaling for CTS60/65
    • 制造商: Rohde Schwarz
    • 模型: CTS60