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Gigatronics GT-1000A
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The new Giga-tronics GT-1000A Microwave Power Amplifier offers linear high-power amplification across multioctive bandwidths. Ideal for testing in EMC, wireless communications applications, and Defense EW systems.

The GT-1000A rack mount broadband power amplifier, incorporating the latest CAP Wireless Spatium(TM) technology, delivers outstanding performance and exceptional value for electromagnetic interference / compatibility (EMI/EMC) test, semiconductor evaluation, load pull, antenna range and microwave laboratory applications. Excellence pulse performance and modulated signal fidelity makes these amplifiers ideal for defense EW and radar testing.

+40 dBm Leveled Power from your Microwave Signal Generator

The GT-1000A Microwave Power Amplifier can be paired with the Giga-tronics 2420B or 2520A Frequency Synthesizer to deliver leveled output power up to +40 dBm from 2 to 20 GHz for CW or pulsed high power applications. The GT-1000A has an internal coupler / detector, which allows optimum leveling control directly from the synthesizer. Have all the power you need to overcome cable and switching losses or drive components like high power rated mixers and limiters.

Microwave Rack Mount Broadband Power Amplifier

Use the GT-1000A as a general-purpose R&D lab amplifier or as an exciter for power transmitters. Standard 19-inch rack mounts simplifies integration into your ATE systems for manufacturing test. The GT-1000A is ideal for EMI/EMC and standards lab testing where broadband frequency coverage saves time and money while improving test performance.

EMC Lab and Antenna Range Applications

Replace traveling wave tube amplifiers with a high reliability, solid-state amplifier for improved noise performance and reduced IntermodulationDistortion (IMD). Test broadband devices from RF to microwave without changing transmission paths or exchanging amplifiers manually. Eliminate complex programming caused by manual switching of amplifiers during test. Do away with plugging and unplugging amplifiers in manual test stations by replacing your narrow band amplifiers with one broadband amplifier.

  • 制造商: Gigatronics
  • 模型: GT-1000A