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Techwin AV6413-3532
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The AV-6413 is a high performance mini-OTDR, which is small in size, light in weight and rugged in configuration. It has a large color LCD and a USB interface. It also features a long battery operation life. With the AV-6413, you can measure unit/connection/transmission loss and locate faults or breaks on optical fibers. It is widely applied in the manufacture, construction and maintenance of optical fibers.


  • 42/40dB high dynamic range
  • Rugged
  • 1.6m short event dead zone
  • High quality touch screen
  • 0.1m sample resolution with 16000 sampling points
  • Offer Chinese and English interface
  • Deep memory for data storage
  • Transmit data to PC by serial or parallel interfaces
  • Battery operation life over 8 hours
  • Intelligent battery capacity display
  • USB interface
  • Write/read file in Bellcore GR196 file format
  • 制造商: Techwin
  • 模型: AV6413-3532