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Yokogawa AQ7275 - 735032
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Yokogawa AQ7275 OTDR (735032)

Improved Wavelength Quality
Increase the efficiency of fiber installation & maintenance

  • Improved waveform in Real-time mode
    Downstream measurement from central office through a 1x8 splitter.
    (Pulse width: 100 ns, Sampling resolution: 1 m)
  • Waveform through splitter with a large loss
    Upstream measurement from customer premises through a 1x8 splitter.
    (Pulse width: 100 ns, Sampling resolution: 1 m)
    Event Dead Zone 0.8 m
  • Accompanying the rapid proliferation of FTTH is a growing need for detection of reflective events arising from short distance mechanical connections. The AQ7275’s short event dead zone enables detection of closely spaced events in cables installed in offices and customer premises.
  • High Dynamic Range up to 40 dB
    The newly added 3-wavelength model (735037) and 4-wavelength model (735040) can achieve the dynamic range of 40 dB. This high dynamic range is effective in measuring a transmission line consisting of long fiber cables and a splitter with a large loss.
  • Quick Startup within 10 Seconds
    Now measurements can be started quickly upon arrival at the site. 10 seconds to power-up from completely OFF to fully ON! With such a fast power-up time, battery life can be extended by turning the power off while not in use at the job site without any concern about the power-up time when the next job is ready. It’s ready when you’re ready!
  • 制造商: Yokogawa
  • 模型: AQ7275 - 735032