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Aeroflex-IFR RD-301A Weather Radar Test Set
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Weather Radar Test Set

Tracking System

The RD301A tracking system enables the test set to automatically acquire and track the transmitter frequency. This basic feature eliminates the need for constant re-tuning to compensate for transmitter or signal generator drift.

Heterodyne Monitor Output

The Heterodyne Monitor Output provides a convenient oscilloscope display of the frequency and duration of modes, identifying the location and magnitude of phase pulling within the magnetron pulse.

Effective Peak Power (EFF)

Effective Peak Power (EFF), displayed on the Panel Meter located on the front panel, quantifies the effects of phase modulation in the magnetron replacing the requirement for the use of a spectrum analyzer. The EFF function allows the operator to choose the optimum tracking frequency in the presence of modes and phase pulling in the magnetron pulse. Using the EFF meter function in conjunction with the heterodyne monitor output verifies the frequency tracking accuracy of the test set, replacing the need for the echo box which is used for AFC centering.

Contour Mode

The Contour Mode provides for rapid calibration and checking of contour threshold circuits, receiver color and intensity response and sensitivity by means of an additional 0 to 20 dB amplitude boost above the selected output level.

Other Features

  • Heterodyne monitor output

  • (EFF) Transmitter effective peak pulse power measurements

  • Built-in PRF generator and digital read-out

  • Contour boost capabilities for testing contour threshold circuits

  • Video detector, frequency discriminator and spectrum analyzer outputs

  • Respond to radar transmitter pulse widths of 50 ns to 30 μs

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  • 制造商: Aeroflex IFR
  • 模型: RD-301A