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Rohde Schwarz ZVT
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300 KHz to 20 GHz with two up to eight test ports

The R&S ZVT is the first true eight port/six port vector network analyzer with a frequency range from 300 KHz to 8 GHz/10 MHz to 20 GHz.

Key Features:
  • Multiport measurements, avoiding any time loss due to matrix control
  • Flexible configuration of test ports for balanced and single-ended measurements
  • True differential measurements and coherent signal generation
  • Enhanced performance by parallel measurements on several DUTs
  • Multichannel receiver with simultaneous sampling of channels, e.g. for phase measurements on antenna arrays
  • Automatic calibration units
  • Point-in-pulse and pulse profile measurements with up to 16 receivers
  • 制造商: Rohde Schwarz
  • 模型: ZVT