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The TSVP represents a whole family of products developed for high performance ATE applications. The chassis comprises a mechanical frame, digital backplane, analog backplane, mains switching and filtering, power supply and diagnostic extensions. The TSVP is offered in a Test and Measurement Platform and a Switching Application Platform.

You can choose from various Measurement Modules suitable for industrial use in research, development and production. Designed for ATE applications, the modules provide common features such as analog bus access for seamless signal routing, diagnostics, soft front panels and high-performance driver software.

The platform specially designed for testing modern communications and automotive electronics supports the operating systems Microsoft Windows XP.5 and Suse Linux 9.0.5. The growing demand for industrial Linux software support is thus met.


Comprehensive system approach:
o System oriented, compact basic unit and modular instruments for DC-, LF- und RF- signals from own production
o Floating stimulus und measurement technology
o Optimized signal concept (analog measurement bus, Rear I/O concept)
o Conceptual solutions to handle high voltages and currents
o Integration of DUT supply modules and loads
o Integrated adaptation concept for DUTs
o System technology allows combination of functional and in-circuit test
o Wide range of functionality in a compact system design, ideal for in-line applications


High test speed (by .5intelligent.5 modules)


Standardized and powerful software modules (GTSL, EGTSL) with simulation and tracing possibilities


Support of the operating systems Microsoft Windows XP.5 and Suse Linux 9.0.5


Integration of cPCI/PXI-Modules from the market without modifiation


Integrated selftest secures readiness of system use and allows detailed diagnostics in case of system fault


On site calibration possible

  • 制造商: Rohde Schwarz
  • 模型: TSVP