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Leaptronix AH-400+ Automated Programming System
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We are pleased to introduce the Leaptronix AH-400 automation handler system.
AH-400 is an expeditious automated programming system, which offers a special design for programming tiny devices packaged in Tube/Tape. Its unique technology design has a rotary robotic arm to pick up and position devices. The AH-400 contains a high-speed programmer that can bring AH-400 into its fullest potential, furthermore its original UPH has been upgraded with the efficient programming system - SU-6000.

High-performance, high UPH.

Intelligent Operation.

Efficient device programming system (included FLASH, MCU, EEPROM and NAND, SMART CARD).

Provide Tube in/out, taping in/out, tube in & taping out, taping in & tube out.

Accept custom-design for testing or in any kind of way.

  • 制造商: Leaptronix
  • 模型: AH-400+