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Com-Power PAM-840A
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18 GHz - 40 GHz Preamplifier

The Com-Power PA 840 is a broadband, high gain, bench top microwave preamplifier with an operating frequency range of 18 GHz to 40 GHz. This preamplifier is primarily intended for EMC applications. However, it can be used for other applications that require signal amplification in this frequency range.

The PA840 preamplifier increases system sensitivity to low amplitudes signals radiated by the equipment under test during EMC emissions testing.

  • Ultra Wideband - 18 GHz - 40 GHz
  • High Gain - 25 dB typical
  • Gain Flatness - 2.5 dB.
  • NIST tracable calibration certificate
  • Two-Year Warranty
  • 制造商: Com Power
  • 模型: PAM-840A