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Com-Power CGO-505
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5 MHz Step, 1 GHz Comb Generator

EMI test labs must insure repeatable electromagnetic Interference (EMI) measurements. This is often accomplished by calibrating the EMI test site at regular intervals using published test methods. These methods although accurate, are elaborate and time consuming and are not practical to be performed before each EMI test.
Com-Power CG or CGO series Comb Generator is a solution to this problem. The Comb Generator is a reference radiating EMI source for quick radiated EMI site verification. It can be used identify potential measurement errors that can be cause by malfunctioning instrumentation or changes to the test setup.
The Comb Generator is self contained radiating signal source. It produces all the harmonics of the frequency determined by step size up to it's maximum range of operation. The output level of the Comb Generator is fixed and has minimum variation. The Comb Generators are battery operated and have no interconnecting cables that could change the radiated signal.
The single monopole antenna affixed on top of the Comb Generator radiates the reference signals. The test engineer can quickly verify his setup by putting the Comb Generator in place of the equipment under test. Then compare the data to previous test data obtained using the same setup. With this method, the test engineer can quickly detect potential problems with the test site or setup before making any other measurements.

  • 制造商: Com Power
  • 模型: CGO-505