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Furukawa S175-V2000
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Fitel S-175 Fusion Splicer

The S175 is the fastest, the smallest and the easiest splicer among the world's direct core monitoring machines. It is so easy to use that the splicer automatically analyzes the fibre type from Single Mode, Multi Mode and Dispersion Shift Mode and load the suitable splice program. Simply load the fibre, close windshield and press the start key to begin splicing. The durability and reliability is much improved and the maintenance is extremely reduced
  • Silica glass based optical SM / MM/ DSF fibers
  • Coating / Clad Dia: 0.25-0.9mm / 0.1-0.15mm
  • Cleave Length: standard 16mm optional 10mm
  • Average loss:SM: 0.02dB MM: 0.01dB DS: 0.04dB(with identical Furukawa fibers)
  • Reflection: -60dB or lower
  • Estimation accuracy: +/- 0.05dB (loss <0.4dB), +/- 15% (loss>0.4dB)
  • Operating time: Splice: 20s (typical),Heat: 90s (typical for S921)
  • Tension test: 200g (0.4lbs), option 440g (0.9lbs)
  • Attenuation splice: 0 to 10 db by 0.1 db
  • 32 Splice Program with one Auto splice mode 4 pre-programmed. 28 customisable
  • Inspection: Cleave angle, Fibre end gap, core eccentricity, offset, tilt, micro bending, Bubble at spliced point
  • Display information: operating message, ARC counter, clock, heater status, estimation loss, finder image X Y view
  • 制造商: Furukawa
  • 模型: S175-V2000