Fusion Splicers Fiber Optic Equipment : DVP DVP-720A


DVP DVP-720A Fusion Splicer
放大图片DVP DVP-720A Fusion Splicer

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  • Brand-new motor driver, causes the machine to be faster and more stable
  • 8 second fast fusion, 40 second heating, world quickest fusion splicer
  • The size is small, the weight is light, the project carries conveniently
  • The system self-check function guarantees that your fusion splicer is always at its top performance
  • 5 inch colored LCD display monitor, enlarge optical fiber 180-256 times
  • May simultaneously observe X axis, the Y axis optical fiber and the core
  • Suspension function is a benefit for scientific research
  • Large-scale windproof lid, even if under a 15m/second gale still could carry on the connection work
  • Up to 5000 meter altitudes above sea level, guarantee fusion quality
  • 10Ah large capacity lithium battery allows up to 200 heats and fusions per charge
  • Store up to 8000 connection results
  • RS232 connection, video output
  • The brand-new optical fiber jig design, causes the optical fiber localization to be more precise, is more convenient
  • 制造商: DVP
  • 模型: DVP-720A