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Hioki AC Automatic Insulation/Withstanding Tester
Contact check and full remote control

* Continuous testing of insulation (500/1000 V) and withstand voltage (100 VA transformer capacity)
* Full remote operation when used in combination with the Safety Test Data Management Software 9267
* Save up to 8 test settings each for the withstanding and insulation testing modes
* Precise test voltage without power voltage dependency is generated using the PWM method

Basic specifications
[Withstanding test]
Testing voltage 0.2V AC to 5.00kV AC
Voltage setting method Digital setting, Setting resolution: 0.01kV
Waveform/ Frequency Sine wave (Distortion ratio 5% or less at no load), 50/60Hz selectable
Current measurement range 0.01mA to 20.0mA, True RMS rectified (digital display)
Measurement range 10mA (0.01mA resolution), 100mA (0.1mA resolution)
Voltage meter Accuracy: 1.5% rdg. (1000 V or more), 15V (less than 1000V), True RMS rectified
Judgment function Window comparator method (Digital setting)
[Insulation test]
Testing voltage 500V DC, 1000V DC
Rated testing current 1 to 1.2mA, Shorted current: 4 to 5mA (at 500V), 2 to 3mA (at 1000V)
Measurement range, Accuracy 0.5m? to 999M? (at 500V), and 1M? to 999M? (at 1000V) : 4% rdg., 1000M? to 2000M? : 8% rdg.
Judgment function Window comparator method (Digital setting)
Measurement range, Accuracy 0.3 to 999s, and 0.3 to 99.9s : 50ms, 100 to 999s : 0.5s
Delay/Ramp timer 0.1 to 99.9s: 50ms, 0.1s resolution
Functions Saving eight testing conditions, hold, buzzer, contact check
Moniter function Output voltage, detected current, insulation resistance, Refresh rate: 4times/s
Power consumption 100 to 240V AC, (50/60Hz), 200VA max.
Dimensions, mass 320mm (12.60in) W 155mm (6.10in) H 395mm (15.55in) D, 15kg (529.1oz)
Supplied accessories H.V. TEST LEAD 9615 (Red, black) 1, Power cord 1, Operation manual 1
  • 制造商: Hioki
  • 模型: 3174