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Leaptronix LA-2025
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The LA-20 Series including the Leaptronix LA2025 helps minimize users' project risk by providing the most reliable, accurate data capture and a complete view of system behavior. These products are ideally suited for users on hardware/ software debugging, parametric, mixed signal testing, and complex debugging. Moreover, their compact size and ability to connect with a PC makes them an ideal solution at remote sites.

  • Timing Analysis : 250MHz,max(4ns)
  • State Analysis : 200MHz(Max)
  • Bandwidth : 200M Hz
  • RAM Size : 2M Bytes
  • Storage Depth Per Channel : 512Kbit x 32CH
  • Glitch Capture : Yes
  • PC-Link Interface : USB 2.0
  • 制造商: Leaptronix
  • 模型: LA-2025