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Leaptronix PLA-2532 PC-based Logic Analyzer
放大图片Leaptronix PLA-2532 PC-based Logic Analyzer

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The PLA series provides complete date acquisition system, Logic Analyzer and Data Logger. This small instrument is making digital software and hardware designers the ability to quickly capture the complex signals for analysis and debugging. Moreover, the PLA is able to cooperate with your own design program for test automation system.

Logic Analyzer

  • Internal (asynchronous) and External (synchronous) capture:Offer a more convenient environment for engineers.

  • The timing of each trigger point can be shown by the cursor mark.

  • Binary code and hexadecimal List mode (State) display.

  • Able to save measuring data and waveform results.

  • Provide various signal trigger and capture:Pattern/Edge/AND/OR, 4 kinds of trigger modes.

  • Provide various signal trigger and capture:Total of four kinds of trigger modes including Pattern/Edge/AND/OR.

  • 256K Bytes ~ 2M Bytes long memory depth;each CH memory depth is up to 128Kbits ~ 512Kbits.

  • The adjustable sample rate size can be set by users, which avoids long capturing time.

  • “Trigger Counter” and “Pulse Width Trigger” function.

  • High-speed Zoom In/Zoom Out function.

  • Smart software provides text file for saving the Binary Code of waveform.

  • USB 2.0 interface for PC link function, which can connect with PC for user to save, analyze, view and printout.

  • Powered by USB.

Data Logger

  • Provide friendly software, no matter what program language, just key in the timing, trigger condition and logic level etc, then start the data acquisition.

  • Use binary for logging the code.

  • 制造商: Leaptronix
  • 模型: PLA-2532