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Rohde Schwarz HE300
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Portable directional antenna for tracing signal transmitters and interference sources

In conjunction with portable receivers (e.g. R&S PR100) the R&S HE300 is used for localizing transmitting and interfering sources. The direction of signal sources is found by pointing the antenna towards the direction of maximum signal voltage.

The frequency range from 20 MHz to 7.5 GHz is covered by three exchangeable antenna modules delivered with the R&S HE300. Each of these modules has a distinct directional pattern. The modules do not have to be tuned within their frequency sub-ranges. A fourth module (R&S HE300HF for 9 kHz to 20 MHz) is available as an option.

  • Unambiguous direction finding, i.e. distinct directional pattern with the receive maximum pointing to the front in the frequency range from 20 MHz to 7.5 GHz

  • Maximum of the antenna output signal serves as a directional criterion (maximum direction finding)

  • Handy size despite extreme broadband capability

  • Fatigue-free operation due to the antenna design and the material used, which keep weight to a minimum

  • May be used for vertical and horizontal polarization in the frequency range from 20 MHz to 7.5 GHz

  • Wide dynamic range due to switchable "Passive" and "Active" mode

  • May be mounted on a tripod (¼” mounting thread)

  • Power supply by standard AA batteries or rechargeable batteries

    • 制造商: Rohde Schwarz
    • 模型: HE300