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Aitelong SAT-6A
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Optical Fiber Identifier

According to the current situation of optical fiber communication, the SAT-6X Optical Fiber Identifier is developed using internationally advanced technology with the features of small and handy structure, portability, and easy operation, and is widely used in the construction and maintenance of optical cable, optical fiber communication, and optical fiber CATV, etc.

With the “Hongwan” testing technique of low insertion loss incorporated, the optical fiber identifier can definitely distinguish optical signals in fibers while service is going, and the fibers aren’t excessively pressed. At the time of installation, incision/fusion, maintenance and repair of optical fiber system as well as maintenance in equipment maintenance, the identifier can be used to detect “dull fibers”, the direction of signal transmission in fibers, the fibers with the modulation signal (discriminate tone) and the intensity of optical signal. The applicable optical fibers have such types as 250um/900um coated fibers and 2mm to 3mm pigtailed bridle wire.

Major Features

  • Portable structure. Easy operation.
  • Adapters available for bare fibers and tail fibers.

Major Functions

  • Identify multiple signal frequencies, i.e. 270Hz, 1kHz and 2kHz.
  • Display the intensity of optical signal. Low power indication.
  • Show the direction of optical transmission.
  • 制造商: Aitelong
  • 模型: SAT-6A