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BirDog USB PLUS Satellite Signal Locator
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The BIRDOG USB Plus Satellite Signal Locator delivers new and enhanced performance. This new Satellite meter a must have for the professional installer.


Built in Simple to Use Spectrum Analyzer
QPSK Constellation Diagram
Data Log Uploads Installation Readings to Your PC
Measure for Open or Short Circuit in LNB & Cable
Dual Display Shows Two Satellites at one Time, also Works With SWM
SWM Histogram Shows Up to 9 Simultaneous Carrier (Frequency) Measurements
More Battery Life (up to 2 hours)
Recalls Last Satellite Position
USB Connectivity
SWS Technology Compatible
Easy to Read Display with Digital Enhanced Graphics
Twice the Satellite Memory Positions
Easy to Use One-Touch Buttons
Spanish Language Display Option
Recalls Last Satellite Position Upon Power-Up
2.1mm Female PSU Plug for External Charge
Universal Charger 80 - 250V AC
RF Input Range: 950 ~ 2150 MHz
Input Dynamic Range: -65 dBm ~ -25 dBm
Unit Discharge Time (Idle State): ~ 24 Days
Internal Battery / Protective Case
DC Auto Charge
AC Charger Cord
USB Interface Cord
Port Saver
Carry Case

  • 制造商: Birdog
  • 模型: USB PLUS Satellite Signal Locator