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Krohn-Hite 4402B RC Oscillator
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The Model 4402B is an ultra-pure sinewave, stable amplitude oscillator designed to meet the needs of today’s high precision 16 to 18 bit A/D converter testing, and audio test and measurement technology.

Covering the frequency range from 1Hz to 110kHz, with precise 3 digit frequency tuning, the 4402B produces a virtually “distortion-free” (<0.0005%) sinewave for measuring A/D converter accuracy, audio preamplifier and power amplifier harmonic distortion. With its exceptionally flat response (0.02dB), the 4402B eliminates the need to constantly monitor voltage levels, during frequency response testing.

The 4402B provides a 7Vrms sinewave output (balanced output, 14Vrms end-to-end), 3.5Vrms into 50 ohms, and has no loss in performance when loaded with a linear 50 ohm load. A 3-position, push-button attenuator calibrated in 20dB steps, along with a 30dB vernier, provides a total dynamic range of 90dB.

Simultaneous fixed and quadrature (90º) outputs are provided. Each output is 7Vrms with a 600 ohm source impedance.

The 4402B is the perfect addition to your present test and/or precision measurement set-up.


Accuracy: ±0.5% of frequency setting.
Vs. Time: 0.01% in 1hr or less.
   Vs. Temperature: 0.05%/ C.
   Vs. Line: <0.001% for a 10% change in line voltage.
Control: 2 digits of frequency, calibrated in 1Hz and 0.1Hz steps, with a calibrated vernier providing continuous coverage between the 0.1Hz steps, plus a 5 decade push-button multiplier with overlapping ranges.

MAIN OUTPUT (specifications apply to each output to ground)
Maximum Amplitude: 7V rms open circuit; 3.5Vrms (+48dBm) into 50 ohm load.
Impedance: constant 50 ohms.
Maximum Current: 75mA rms.
Minimum Amplitude: <0.2mV.
Amplitude Flatness: ±0.02dB, 1Hz to 110kHz.
Amplitude Stability:
Vs. Time: 0.01% in 1hr or less.
   Vs. Temperature: 0.05%/ C.
   Vs. Line: <0.001% for a 10% change in line voltage.
Amplitude Control: A 4-position push-button attenuator calibrated in 20dB steps from 0dB to –60dB, accuracy ±0.25dB/20dB step; volts rms control with greater than 30dB of coverage calibrated in volts.
Accuracy: ±20% of setting.

  • 制造商: Krohn Hite
  • 模型: 4402B