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Advantest D51101-01
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The D51101 is the basic interface module for the D5115 multimedia protocol analyzer.

* I.430 (ISDN basic user, network interface layer 1 specification)
* I.430-a (Dedicated line user, network interface layer 1 specification)
Number of lines: Standard 1 line (max. 2 lines)
Operation mode: Monitor mode
Simulation mode; NT (network side)/TE (terminal side)
Layer 1 detection: INFO 0,1,2,3,4,LOS (loss of synchronization)
Power supply polarity detection: OFF/normal/reverse
Wiring configuration setting: Short-range passive bus/Extended passive bus/Point-to-point
End terminal resistance setting: OFF/50 Ohm/100 Ohm
  • 制造商: Advantest
  • 模型: D51101-01