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Ando AQ4320A
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Tunable Laser Source

The AQ4320 high-quality Tunable Laser Source can accurately set wavelength range, accommodating various aspects of D-WDM use. High output, high SMSR, and other specifications are excellent for evaluating optical fiber amplifiers and components, D-WDM systems, etc.

Key Features

- Wavelength range: 1480 to 1580nm (AQ4320A)
- Continuous sweep
- High optical output with +10dBm (typ.) (AQ4320A)
- Side mode suppression ratio: 70dB (AQ4320B)
- High optical output at 1600nm band (AQ4320D)
- Wavelength calibration function with built-in wavelength standard

See Spec Sheet for Addional Information
  • 制造商: Ando
  • 模型: AQ4320A