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The Invex3G In-Building measurement tool is designed to enable to the user to perform in-building RF measurements easily and efficiently. An ergonomic backpack is used to carry the associated hardware: an Invex3G 4-slot chassis, batteries, and optional phones and/ or scanning receivers. Maps are prepared from scanned floor plans. Floor plan maps and overlaid measurements are displayed in the Map display of the Invex3G software. The user performs in-building measurements by clicking points in the Map window to enter location coordinates into the log file. The system supports subscriber units for quality of service measurements and receivers for measurements independent of network parameters. Invex3G provides an extensive array of real time displays, allowing detailed examination of any problems encountered in the field.

Key Features:

-Ergonomic: Utilizes Lightweight Backpack with Pouches for Phones, Cables, etc.

-Ease of Use: Point and Click Entry of Location Coordinates

-Comprehensive Measurements: Supports multiple phones and multiple receivers

-Post Processing: Fully Supported in Andrew's Interpreter
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