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The FITEL S121 series single-fiber fusion splicing machines are true hand-held splicing machines. The S121 is about one-third the size of a typical mini-splicer, weighs just 2.2 pounds without the battery and does not require a flat surface.

The S121M comes equipped with a heat-shrink oven, lithium ion batteries and battery chargers. The battery capacity accommodates 50 splices without using the heat-shrink oven. An AC/DC adapter is available.

The unit features fully automatic fiber feed, alignment, splicing arc, and tension test. You can monitor all splicing operations for accuracy using the unit's integrated CCD camera and 2.5-inch LCD display.


- Compact, lightweight body
- Superb portability
- High-end performance with super low cost
- Fiber holder design for greater ease and consistency
- Clear view of the splice
- Splices single and multimode fiber

See Spec Sheet for more Additional Information.
  • 制造商: Fitel
  • 模型: S121M