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Kingsine K1063
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Relay Test Set

K1063 6x20A/3x40A,4x130V,18 function modules, Ethernet, TFT LCD, WinCE

Main Characteristics:
  • All-in-One Design with imbedded Window CE & mouse & panel keyboard, on 6.4 TFT LCD, Ethernet port for separate PC & Built-in Amplifier
  • 14-channel output: 6x30A /7x 130V/Aux. DC
  • High power 3X450W/3X60A
  • High Precision 0.05% reading+0.02% range guaranteed at 0-30A & 0.04% reading+0.01% range guaranteed at 0-100V
  • Wide Application from old Electromechanic relay to Modern digital relay protection.
  • Multifunction for Auto/Manual Test for all kinds of relays complied with IEEE Items
  • Advanced function: Power Swing & Transient playback & GPS Synchronization
  • Reliability: Self-protection and light/sound alarming on wrong-wiring, open/short-circuit overheat & overload
  • 3-Years Free Warranty and life maintenance.
  • Field Testing Convenience by Vertical or Horizontal test optional

    • 制造商: Kingsine
    • 模型: K1063