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Promax GV-798+
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The GV-898+ and GV-798+ are analogue TV generators capable of up to 37 different test patterns which enable exhaustive diagnostic tests of any TV receiver, video or Home Theater system.

In addition to conventional RGB, SCART or S-VHS outputs, YPbPr are becoming increasingly popular for large format TFT screens, plasma and TV projectors.

They have 32 memories to store operating configurations that you want to access quickly.

The only difference between GV-798+ and GV-898+ models is the RF modulator. The GV-798+ uses a double sideband (DSB) type while GV-898+ uses a vestigial sideband (VSB) approach, similar to the ones used for TV signals broadcast.

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  • 制造商: Promax
  • 模型: GV-798+