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The GV-898+ colour pattern generator is used for control and measurements, maintenance and repair of TV and video equipments. Its application areas are development, quality control, TV production studios, service workshops and training.

This instrument covers the frequency range from 35 to 900 MHz, with Vestigial
Side Band modulation.

It generates digitally 16 basic pattern charts, which extend to 22 when pushing
repeatedly the chart keys.

Colour signals can be codified in PAL (B/G/I/D/K/M/N systems), NTSC (M
system) or SECAM (L/D/K systems).

The GV-898+ incorporates VITS signals (Vertical Interval Test Signals) in CCIR, UK and FCC formats, WSS signal (Wide Screen Signaling) in 8 formats, FLOPTELETEXT in four languages and VPS and PDC signals for four countries. All these signals are individually selectable.

It also provides a synthesised sound modulator for all the systems previously described. Besides it incorporates the ZWEITON stereo-dual system in B/G/D/K/M format and NICAM in B/G/I/L format.

It incorporates 32 memories where different configurations may be stored for a later easy access by means of the rotary selector. All configurations may be selected through the combination of the rotary selector and three keys, visualising its contents on a graphic display.

The RF signal can be selected by channel or by frequency, in 50 kHz increments and can be attenuated in progressive steps of 1 dB. Channel/frequency and attenuation information is shown on the graphic display.

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  • 制造商: Promax
  • 模型: GV-898+