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Promax MO-160
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The MO-160 is a general purpose DVB-T modulator built in a 1 unit for 19" rack according to the ETSI EN 300 744 v1.5.1 DVB-T specification. The unit has two ASI inputs for MPEG-2 Transport Stream. The output is a COFDM modulated signal with a selectable frequency or channel from 475 MHz to 875 MHz. The digital codification and modulation process has been implemented over own PROMAX intellectual property programmable logic devices. This is the reason why we can warrant an optimal yield with a very competitive cost.

The MO-160 is ideal for TV distribution applications specially when the advantages of COFDM modulation is required but at same time the distribution cost per program has to be within a budget.

The MO-160 / 161 is able to work with any incoming bit rate as long as this is strictly lower than the value given in the DVB-T specification for the modulation parameters in use. The input TS bit rate is adapted to the useful bit rate required by the DVB-T signal by stuffing the TS with NULL packets (packet stuffing). This stuffing process alters the sequence of PCR values embedded in the TS. These values have to be re-stamped for the resultant PCR jitter to remain within the limits specified by the DVB.

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  • 制造商: Promax
  • 模型: MO-160